Situate Yourself

Treat yourself for today is a symbol of your embodiment. Dressed with love and ready to assist you, the day is all yours. Time is delivering a true gift. Address your needs and soon the world will sing out to you. You are within grasp of the real deal. Enjoy and rejoice because it has been a long time coming.  Congrats.

Gold and Silver

Seeking a refreshened time is substance for the mind and soul. Everything is relinquished and now status is enlightened. Happiness makes a very  good mate. All the world sings for today is the master of all that is to come. Believe and seek that there are stashes of gold and silver for your taking. You are the gift and now it is time to unfold.


Seeking the truth clarifies the soul to reach out and embrace the world. Everything makes more sense to the dignified mind. All the world responds and now everything is set to move in its rightly way. Embrace the nuances of life for many goods things are set to begin.

I Will

I will arch to reach the appointed term. I will sacrifice to seek the peace.  I will anoint my dreams to pronounce my visions.  I will obtain the feast and reach for gratitude, for all is good within the moment. I will, I will, I will.

My Jesus

Present moments are creating a wave of never ending emotions which are swallowing me whole. Please send me a float to rest my weary heart and body. Carry me upon the shore to rest my soul and help me to restore my faith. I need you more than times before. I need your strength to guide me now to my safe and secluded harbor. I will onto you.


Mirror on the wall, please reflect to me the view that is with me. Please show me the way to valleys and hilltops which amass the fortunes of the world. Please present to me the knowing of love and gifts of gratitude, for this is on my mind. Only knowing that this is now is all that I can take.


Such a newness expands and seeks to keep up with the trend.  Your vision is unfolding creating  a river of expansion. You are of center and everything meets your desires and needs. Congratulations for you are just in time.


Know that the world is for you. You are the center and life sees you as the gift. Specialness seeks to be with you are every moment. The wondrous of life enjoys your being. Embrace all that is within reach because it is all meant for you.


Search the horizon for the gifts that are to be bestowed on your behalf. Each is a reminder of what you have requested and because there is so much on the way, the unveiling is massive. Enjoy the feast, for you have hungered for many moons. The light has come to you in the night from the radiance of the stars. Look around and see, its for you.

To Be Jay

Seeking another quiet solitude of moment refreshes the mind with renewed vigor of dreams and desires. Search your ways of being present so that all the world’s gifts can be delivered  to you. Make a resourceful plan of your wishes and soon opportunities will arise to meet your ambitious sights. You are in line for a gifted season of life’s abundance and sweetness. Happiness and love will surround you all the days.

Just for Today

Seeking a new desire can invigorate movement to be on your side.  Seize the moment and go with it, to explore the endless possibilites and unrelenting abundance for your taking. Action makes it happen and busy is what you shall be. Focus brings all the goodness within reach. Dreams can come true when you believe.


Steps of Fulfillment

Many ages ago, time reflected your many moods. Now time propels you to see a change in your being. Every step of the way is supported and encouraged. You are escorted to the position of your wants and dreams. Everything is standing by to release to you your time honored treasures and gifts that are meant to be. You are in the circle and are being surrounded by abundance and love. Today is the day it all starts, for everyday before this has been a cherished step.

Street Sense

Search a new avenue and soon the street comes upon you. Seize the fashion to really delve into the facets of the situation. Everything is setting up to be a wistful play on the very desires you deserve.

The Setting is Now

Seek a measured time to engage in the darkened wells that stand guard. Surely you can feast their issues and resolve the conflict in honored time. Focus has become you and everything is ready to shine within your guided watch. Pleasant times are reenacted to bless your fevered travels. Everything is set, so begin.

Such is the Time

Much of life knows the subtle ways of the path. Giving into and receiving this treasure guides from within. The path is wondrous and full, sentimental and respite. It always relays a balanced stance and fortifies the needy. Each and every occasion seeks a noted benefit and shouts a hurrah, for we are in the moment of ease.

To Seek Your Vision

Surely the time to begin is in the essence of love. Love initiates a freedom of centering. Love accompanies you on your trek to seek goodness, riches and livelihood. Find what is best and soon the world will speak to you in gifted ways. Treasure the moments for everything is shared with your vision.

Endless Possibilities

Seek a master to reveal the truths in the world.  Patiently move towards the giving and soon all the world will receive the timely notice. Cherish each moment and accept a constant flow of endless hope and energy which will combine to focus your goals to a fitting end.


Seeking a balance of time, quietness has come to me. It speaks to me, although it has a forked tongue of divine intervention and moments of inspiration. How to be used to the goodness of the world? How to attract that what is attracted? Seek that i am used for the set of the world. Know that gifts are given and sent. Still the heart with your aches and pronounce the abundance that has been delivered.

Earth Power

The search for truth is never far from the horizon, just within reach. Seemingly though, much will not suffice. For long before the turn of the road, the chosen road was tainted and spent. Happenstance sees to it that all is eradicated and proven barren. Newly arrived channels of fall feast on the land and deliver it even. Wisdom seeks a refresher course and soon the earth mounts a very happy position of power.


Trust evokes a sense of calm and knowing. Distrust makes for confusion and chaos. To live a life of lies, only makes the road littered. Only the world cries for all is known and will soon be seen. Hardship speaks up and announces its throne. Only quietness and solitude and wipe the tears of this retreat. Seek more space and give more time to reach your inner possessions. Time will surely wait for a better return.

Peace Speaks

Twilight gleans a new direction from the bursting moon. Solitude reflects on this new view and only the spoiled are ready to join this new era. Refreshment is amazing and newness wakens the star’s illumination. Sincere love rains down and floats among the coveted. Time translates joy and trust for only the awaken eyes see the drift of a peace offering. Come now and enter.

Tasky To Do

Tasks step up and announce their presence. What a wonderful hello, for they deserve all the attention. Happily they submit and quickly their timing is sheltered and given into. Brightly the page gleams a happy smile for there is no more to come. Thankfully the spot rests and waits for another issuance of work which has its own timing. Movement is ready for the taking.

The Road Circles

Just in time, patience fills the room. Settling back, thoughts surround my soul with support and substance. I am on cloud 9. My wishes are arriving, my goals have centered and my journey is filling. Truth spills out and everything is coming to a finished result. Cadence for the ride is smooth and luxurious.



A center of light that surrounds a form of love, quietness and gift. Seek to release harsh moments and envelope a time of measured hope and substance. Search the corners of travesty and move toward a more resolved time. Such is the time of your essence and soon joy will be captured in your snare.

Treasure a Gift

Treasure an inner need and release it to the world. Happenstance surrounds it and gives it eternal life. Happiness forms and your gift is on its way. Seek a balance in life for to know the scene is to know inner reason. Trounce about and ensure a granted gift, for everything is aware of now.

Ribbons of Wisdom

Surrounding source with love makes for a double joy. Sense everything is well, the soul reflects a warmth and peace that satisfies your inner most needs. Truth speaks out and washes you with honesty and hope. Everlasting love surmounts to create an everlasting ribbon of tears, washing you in eternal wisdom.

Fly About

Worship the words and feel the thoughts that emanate. Harness the real depth of emotion and focus on the good of the message. Nothing can offer a steady stream of love, passion and thought as much as a concise conversation with oneself. Take flight and feel the wind beneath your arms giving you just enough direction to get precious work done. Safely you are among those who dwell in positive, helpful fits of steady accolades.  Well done.

Surrendering Has Now Come

Happiness springs up forth and bounds to my heart. Life is light and good and dancing upon the breast. Merriment surrounds me and uplifts me to a vaulted spot close to the clouds of heaven. Finally love has found me and winks back a nod. Let me dance to the song that fills my soul and keeps me fresh with fulfillment. Surrendering has made all the difference .

Time Search

Time sends a shiver down my spine. Why is there not a moment to breathe? Search the minute hand for a pause in the reflection of life. Pray there is just a moment to live it in peace.

Life as Billy

Each and every whisper notes the dreams worn on your heart. Time and time again, the world works to impress you with your thoughts. Constant feeding of positive ideas generate a busy life of deserving gifts. Keep near the tender thoughts of your soul, for they are what is most endearing. Embrace the searing dance which engulfs the whole spirited heart with the inner voice that has become strong and constant. Today is the day your inner knowing becomes reality.