Situate Yourself

Treat yourself for today is a symbol of your embodiment. Dressed with love and ready to assist you, the day is all yours. Time is delivering a true gift. Address your needs and soon the world will sing out to you. You are within grasp of the real deal. Enjoy and rejoice because it has been a long time coming.  Congrats.

Gold and Silver

Seeking a refreshened time is substance for the mind and soul. Everything is relinquished and now status is enlightened. Happiness makes a very  good mate. All the world sings for today is the master of all that is to come. Believe and seek that there are stashes of gold and silver for your taking. You are the gift and now it is time to unfold.


Seeking the truth clarifies the soul to reach out and embrace the world. Everything makes more sense to the dignified mind. All the world responds and now everything is set to move in its rightly way. Embrace the nuances of life for many goods things are set to begin.