I Will

I will arch to reach the appointed term. I will sacrifice to seek the peace.  I will anoint my dreams to pronounce my visions.  I will obtain the feast and reach for gratitude, for all is good within the moment. I will, I will, I will.

My Jesus

Present moments are creating a wave of never ending emotions which are swallowing me whole. Please send me a float to rest my weary heart and body. Carry me upon the shore to rest my soul and help me to restore my faith. I need you more than times before. I need your strength to guide me now to my safe and secluded harbor. I will onto you.


Mirror on the wall, please reflect to me the view that is with me. Please show me the way to valleys and hilltops which amass the fortunes of the world. Please present to me the knowing of love and gifts of gratitude, for this is on my mind. Only knowing that this is now is all that I can take.


Such a newness expands and seeks to keep up with the trend.  Your vision is unfolding creating  a river of expansion. You are of center and everything meets your desires and needs. Congratulations for you are just in time.


Know that the world is for you. You are the center and life sees you as the gift. Specialness seeks to be with you are every moment. The wondrous of life enjoys your being. Embrace all that is within reach because it is all meant for you.


Search the horizon for the gifts that are to be bestowed on your behalf. Each is a reminder of what you have requested and because there is so much on the way, the unveiling is massive. Enjoy the feast, for you have hungered for many moons. The light has come to you in the night from the radiance of the stars. Look around and see, its for you.