Gifts At Center Stage

Set you mind on the tasks ahead and delve deep into your oneness. You are forever entrenched with the who that is you.  It is only for you to know and for you to shower the world with your specialness.  Rejoice in this time and know that moments in the now are special and are revered for the fortitude that you bring to the table. You are capable of such lofty wins and revealing loves. Share your inner strength with those around you and begin to see your gifts emerge.

Quiet Stand

Seek the quiet nerve of life and really begin to learn the truth of the land.  Only when one is still can the whispers begin to talk and the skies begin to open upon your heart.  Make each moment a delectable time of presence and renewed hope.  Stand with each other and request a new day of love and savored joy.

Know It Always

Happiness abound and I am swept up into the vortex of love, light and welcomed relief.  there is no time like the moment of now.  Trust the logic of the timed reference renew your faith of the chosen.  Keep abreast of the news and soon you world will bend and reflect time’s true focus.  You are one with love and will always seek above a woven tale of thankfulness, gift and treasure, such are the sacred few that accept their gifts.

Such Timeliness

Patience rides its time to the end of the day. It seeks to know who i am and what I plan to do, only the stars should know that fate.  I am quietly seeking a show of hands for the road is narrow and the climb is steep. Help me to see the way upon the earth’s edge.  Let me see light and with it the rainbows of hope and cascades of warmth.  True course sets me a a direction that only I can renew.  I am worthy of its conquest and I am ready now.

Love Enters Right

Such that the angels flitter and fly about the world descending above the torn and battered uplifting their lives to a more quaint way. Hope springs forward and soon the world rejoices that another has joined the klan of the peacemakers. A gathering so powerful that the clouds amass and rain down love and abiding hope. Everything is about to confirm and as always you are on my mind.