Daily Tasks

Secretly I wish for a fulfilled life, one that delves into love, peace and unity. I come for my share and dwell for some more.  It seems right to pray for you.  I love you. Keep up with it and always remember my love is part of the air and  a part of  the moon. It penetrates the walls of hatred and conquers all limitations. It is steady and resolute, commending quiet attention of the soul. Daily the calls dictate what will be a most sensible task.

Pounding Love

Deep within my heart, the vessels bulge at the thought of love.  Love so deep that it revolves and spins down to the nucleus of blood. Pounding and beating to the rhythm of life. Happiness astounds me and I open up my arms to embrace you and you and you. Love it.!!

Sight Love

Quietly my soul aches to know you. It reams up and down waiting to ensure a perfect fit.  I espouse to know how the world sees you.  I wish to know the truth of your word. Help me to see the light within your soul and truly begin to create a haven of love. You are in my sight and I am glad you are there.

Lifetime Complete

Seek within the notice that can only be a friend.  Help each other to stand tall and work a steady richness. You have always been loved and will always be brought forth to experience deepness within your heart.  Such is the way of life. You are the vessel of love enmeshed with your own timing of will. Search your heart complete and now that every moment is a lifetime in a soul’s life.

Together Quests

Measure the treatment of the souls that unite to feel the love in the world. Such is a wondrous place that the heart skips a beat or two. Breathlessly, I answer my quest and resolve to continue my ornate life of spreading love and holiness against the graying times.  You too, can be a light or a mirror and entice the etchings of love to commence living and seeking, expanding and uplifting.  We are all together in our quest and it feels good to be connected to you.

Teaching Lesson

Search the tired dark recesses and out the pious remarks of the shadow. Open the veils and release a torment of shining light which only serves to ignite the fire of the sky. How rich the view begins to sway and flee. How honorable the sights are for those who risk it all. Congrats and seek your timely spot and know that love accompanies you throughout your day, life and times.

Begin Now

Seek your rightful claim for the gifts of life are bestowed at your feet. Arise to see the cornucopia of suitable charges of life’s endless flow.. You are endearingly secure in the screen of life.  You are among the most revered and gracious.  Bring forth your ideals and meld them into a powerful source to ignite the world in your voluminous take. Rejoice, you have begun to travel on the path of lighted minds and sacred souls.

Peace Timer

Timing seeks to know what is foremost in my mind.  There is an everlasting sense of doom from the multitudes of abstract yearnings. Each pulling and tugging, hoisting and relaying its power on me. When will they seize, when will they stop their annoying belching at me. When will the stillness render them quiet and I will be still.  Only peace knows when it is ready. It sits around and mocks me. It gets up on it’s feet and yells, “When done is done, when everything is put and then I will be at peace.” My answer is:  “That is a long time from now, can’t I have peace now and not wait a lifetime? Your answer is: “It comes day by day in the quietness of your reflections and soaring confidence of what you treasure in life, skipping into the crevices of life, marginalized at the edges.” Oh, how I wait for the timer to fill with peace, for I need it in my heart and in my mind.

Mirth And Folly

Twilight sets about casting its shadow upon the earth. The darkness lights up and dances its way to the center of attention.  All is in the grasp of the plume of love. Each step is another confirmation of what life is here to give. Jolly are the souls that get to play and entice others to come to their position. Make a bee line to the gifts that surround the world and you will always be enthralled.

Such As There Is

Poignantly, I wait on the hands of time to deliver the lessons that I truly need.  Oh, how they take their time to give their sharpened points. How do I manage, how do I grieve, how do I go on without the final spotlight seizing the perfect un-perfect trial. Make my heart bleed and so you will know what I have thought and sweated, contemplated and given. Much, much, more is to come and I can only hope that it is steady in its wake and gentle on my soul.

Treasure My Time

Treasure the moments in time which scream to the world, “I am here.” Know that I want attention and know that I demand love. Reach up and snare down the cobwebs and declare, “It is time and I am now. Greet me on the other side and prepare to know what seeks to render itself proud, for I am with you now.”  Alas, quiet and gracious solace, for I feel you here with me and I am forever grateful.

Entry Is Of Time.

Seeking solace in the dew of the morning, my mind skips to you and my fever for love longs to unite. Patience recoils and knows that time needs its stage. Help me to seek those that are meant for me.  Help me to know the direction of the vast world’s attention. Let me be who am and then soon I will connect with you. Waiting on a tree branch, my soul seeks and vows to catch up to you and always.