Time In Time

Quietness envelopes me.  I am quiet.  I have just me. It’s something you wish for but now that it is here, it is strange. When will it cease, when will there be all the commotion I have learned to live with. Now it is calm.  Everything seems so simple and streamlined.  Nothing to get worried about.  All is calm. How much more of this time will go on.  Will it always be this way. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

Hello World!

Welcome to the opening of a window in time.  A place to put up your feet and breath a sigh.  Listen to your heart talk to you from deep inside your soul.  Open yourself to the realm of a beautiful world which acknowledges the wonder in you.  A time of peace and release, a time of hope and knowing.   Seek to further your relationship with thee.  Unto the scheme of the world is a flight of beauty and charm. Indulge now and feel the freedom of peace.